We, GHRS are a team of like-minded people who have combined the knowledge and advantages of Israel, which takes a leading position in the world in rehabilitation. Using the latest technological capabilities and specialized video content on a platform created by us, we make rehabilitation and training and professional development in rehabilitation, physiotherapy and therapeutic and restorative massage available to you.

Currently, online classes in the following areas are provided on the platform in the REHABILITATION section:

Our Goal

We are aimed at constantly expanding the list of rehabilitation areas and personalizing rehabilitation programs, and we will be glad to receive feedback from our users to determine which sections of rehabilitation we need to add and which additional features should be developed.

We will provide you with the opportunity of free consultations with qualified supervisors of our platform, as well as the opportunity to consult with leading specialists in clinics in Israel.

We will bring to the platform collaborations in the field of rehabilitation with the leading Israeli and Russian clinics.

Professional Development

The section Training and professional development in the field of rehabilitation, physiotherapy and therapeutic and restorative massage is a collaboration with Israeli training centers, for example, such as the College of Medical Massage, the founder of which is Dr. Aaron Yakovi.

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