GHRS is a team of like-minded people who, on the platform we created, have combined the knowledge and advantages of Israel, which takes a leading position in the world in rehabilitation. Using the latest technological capabilities and specialized video content, we make rehabilitation and professional development in rehabilitation, physiotherapy and therapeutic and restorative massage available to you.

Video Exercises

The Platform presents sets of exercises for rehabilitation in the field of ORTHOPEDICS, NEUROLOGY, CORRECTION of SPEECH DISORDERS…


On our Platform there is a section for professional development and advanced training of REHABILITOLOGISTS and MASSAGE THERAPISTS on the basis of the Israeli College …


We are developing the MARKETPLACE direction. Rehabilitation centers, clinics, sanatoriums, sports clubs, massage can become our partners in this direction…

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Video Exercises

The REHABILITATION section presents sets of exercises in the following areas: ORTHOPEDICS, NEUROLOGY, OBESITY, REHABILITATION FOR THE ELDERLY, REHABILITATION AFTER COVID, REHABILITATION OF GAIT DESORDERS, APHASIA AND DYSARTHRIA. All sets of exercises were developed by Israeli specialists in accordance with Israeli rehabilitation protocols.


Lumbar spine: exercise group No. 2 is aimed at stretching the muscles and improving the flexibility of the muscular apparatus

The complex consists of 8 exercises, the total duration of the complex is 47:38 min


Exercises for post-traumatic correction and rehabilitation of gait disorder. Very advanced stage

the complex consists of 9 exercises, the total duration of the complex is 39:08 min


A set of exercises for the cervical spine – intermediate stage of recovery

The complex consists of 8 exercises, the total duration of the complex is 20:33 min
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If you have not found a set of exercises to solve your problem in the video catalog, our CONSULTANTS will prepare customized SETS of EXERCISES for you PERSONALLY, or offer a consultation with a REHABILITATION SPECIALIST in the field you need.

Professional Development

The section Training and PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT in the field of rehabilitation, physiotherapy and therapeutic and restorative massage is a collaboration with Israeli specialists and training centers, for example, such as the College of Medical Massage founded by Dr. Aharon Yacovi.

New approaches to exercise in post-stroke patients – evidence based practice

Exercise as a Rehabilitation tool for Neurological Patients

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