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Deep tissue massage

Aharon Yakovy

Seminar designed for therapists of contact professions

Deep tissue massage is used to treat acute and chronic problems such as muscle, tendon, ligament and cartilage problems. It improves limited joint mobility, relieves pain, improves posture and helps reduce mental stress.

Deep tissue massage is designed to reduce physical pain, whether superficial or deep, as well as to reduce adhesion of muscle fibers and the accumulation of lactic acid and fluid, which disrupt the normal muscle texture and cause a decrease in body function.

Deep tissue massage penetrates into the deeper layers of the muscles and is intended for people who can withstand strong and intense contact (amateur athletes and athletes), who suffer from muscle problems after strenuous or uncontrolled physical activity, and for people who do not follow proper recovery techniques after physical exertion, such as: stretching, hot tubs, sauna, whirlpool and more. Deep tissue massage also aims to relax chronically tight muscles and aims to improve movement limitations and promote proper body posture.

Duration of training: one week session, 6 academic hours, 12 sessions. Total 72 academic hours

Lesson progress: Each lesson includes theoretical and practical material. Practical material is worked out in pairs

Certificate/Degree Description: Certified Deep Tissue Massage Certificate

The certificate gives you the opportunity to work with athletes and sports teams

Admission requirements: The seminar is intended for contact therapists with knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology.

Students who do not have the above education will have to complete these trainings in the amount of 120 hours.

Graduates of the courses will be required to take a course of cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Theory of massage – what is deep tissue massage, its effectiveness and effect on the body
Examinations of the lymph centers in the body. Their importance and techniques to improve their condition
Treatment methods for superficial and deep muscles, longitudinal and transverse fibers
Contraindications (when deep tissue massage cannot be performed)
Professional ethics and therapist/patient relationships
Medical survey

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Duration: 72 Hours
Lectures: 6
Level: Advanced