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Shiatsu Course

Aharon Yakovy

Word “shiatsu” means “finger pressure” in Japanese. Shiatsu is an ancient healing art, developed in the Far East and based on the philosophy of the body’s meridians, according to which feelings of fatigue, stress or pain are considered symptoms indicating a lack of harmony in the body. Shiatsu works by bringing the energy system back into balance and in the process also treats these symptoms. The treatment is done by contact using the pads of the thumbs, palms, forearms and knees – along the energy lines (meridians) spread across the body, and is intended to renew a patient’s sense of vitality by using the body’s chi energy (life energy). The treatment helps relieve stress and pain, and helps in the treatment of many physical and mental conditions.

Duration of training: one week session, 6 academic hours, 15 sessions. Total 90 academic hours

Lesson progress: Each lesson includes theoretical and practical material. Practical material is worked out in pairs.

Introduction and history of Shiatsu theory
Eastern philosophy: the 5 elements, the 8 principles
Meridian pathways in the human body
Treatment methods according to the Shiatsu theory
Ways of diagnosis using the body and the tongue
Connection between the body and the mind
Absorbing energies and transferring them to a patient
Acceleration as a way of life
Mental and energetic balance
Acceleration to improve the general feeling and preserve health
Shiatsu to treat medical problems such as: back pain, muscle pain, neck pain and more
Professional ethics and therapist/patient relationships
Medical survey
The seminar is intended only for therapists of contact professions with experience in the field of anatomy, physiology and pathology. Students without the aforementioned training will have to complete this training in the amount of 120 hours.

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Duration: 90 Hours
Lectures: 13