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Courses for fitness trainers. Sports massage course

Aharon Yakovy

Sports massage is a profession and a profession you only learn from a professional!!! Being in the past the champion of Israel in boxing for 15 calendar years who represented the country around the world and working at the same time with the country’s top athletes, I learned significant things that I apply as the director of the college such as: professionalism and professionalism, adherence to the goal, determination and perseverance, dealing with difficulties, pressures, obstacles and subsequent crises on the way to the top. A therapist for athletes does not need to experience pain in order to properly treat their patients, but therapists who have experienced various types of pain and disabilities themselves, have a special understanding and sensitivity to the emotional and physical experiences that their patients go through. It is natural to treat people with a similar experience to ours differently, treat them better and feel a kind of partnership with them. That’s why many athletes find it easy for them to contact a therapist who is also involved in sports. The fact that Aharon Yacovi was and is involved in sports brings him closer to their world for the reason that he went through and is going through similar processes and it is easy for him to understand what they are going through. The treatment method includes methods of sports massage, pressing, moving joints, stretching all the muscles of the body, vigorous and relaxing movements, vibrations to the tissues, etc.

Aim of the treatment massage

  • Improving blood and fluid circulation processes that may delay and damage the athletic performance
  • Reduction of pain and discomfort
  • Improving the range of motion of muscles and joints
  • Reducing lactic acids (which are the primary and main cause of pain and decreased muscle output)
  • Stimulating the lymph fluid
  • Reduced recovery times
  • Soft tissue repair

For outstanding students, the possibility of a professional internship in sports teams is provided.

For whom the course is suitable?
The course is intended for fitness trainers and instructors, personal trainers, sports team trainers and instructors, amateur athletes who engage in sports for their enjoyment and to improve and preserve their health, for competitive athletes who wish to maintain their bodies, learning ways to prevent injuries and ways to treat them. And for anyone interested in specializing in the treatment of athletes.

Duration of training: 120 training hours. Opening dates: The course opens several times during the year

Description of the certificate/degree: Certificate of a licensed sports massage specialist. The certificate makes it possible to treat athletes or amateur and professional sports teams. Graduates of the courses will have to take a refresher course in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The course is designed for fitness coaches and instructors, personal trainers, coaches and instructors of sports teams, amateur athletes who play sports for their pleasure, as well as to improve and preserve their health, for professional athletes who want to preserve their body by studying ways to prevent injury and how to treat them. And for everyone who is interested in specialization in the treatment of athletes.

For excellent students, the possibility of passing a professional internship in sports teams is provided.

Introduction and history of massage
Anatomy – the human body, the muscles of the body, diagnosis and identification of musculoskeletal disorders
Physiology – functions of the skeletal muscles and body systems, circulatory, digestive, nervous, lymphatic and respiratory systems
Medical terms – to interpret common medical and pathological problems
Sports massage during training
Sports massage before competitions
Sports massage after competitions
Sports massage for injuries
Specific stretching of all muscle groups in the body for muscle lengthening and ongoing maintenance
Principles of using hot and cold compresses and how to use them
Joint range of motion tests and ways to improve them
Materials for the treatment of athletes
Essential food supplements for treating and preventing injuries and improving the immune system
Contraindications – limitations in which massage should be avoided
Professional ethics and therapist/patient relationships
Medical survey

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Duration: 120 Hours
Lectures: 16
Level: Beginner