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Multidisciplinary direction. A unique course in sports injury, orthopedics and medical massage

Aharon Yakovy

A unique training course for specialists in sports injuries, orthopedics and medical massage

A special opportunity to develop, grow and learn to be the best in your field, to learn more, understand more, contribute more

A one-of-a-kind training course in Israel designed by Aharon Yakovy, who has an extensive professional experience as an Israeli Olympic Team Therapist for 15 years and a successful clinical practice spanning decades.

It is important for a good therapist to have tools, skills, professional and insightful knowledge to be able to contribute to helping their patients.
The training program has been built step by step to lead you step by step to a deep, thorough and professional understanding of clinical diagnostic methods and lead you to the results and implementation of a complete treatment.
In this track, which combines fields and innovative treatments, you will be presented with a “basket of abilities” to help you develop and enrich your knowledge, identify the source of any problem, choose your preferred method, and direct the treatment according to the needs of your patients We believe that a good therapist can identify the source of tension in your body at a glance and direct treatment to meet the needs of their patients.

The methods taught in this unique course combine many of the therapeutic professions that have been tried with great success with Israeli Olympic athletes, and provide practical and useful tools to deal with problems of pain, discomfort in the joints of the body, including damage to the supporting and spinal cord. Lots of information on back and neck problems, information on fractures and sprains, and a chapter dedicated to preventing all of these problems.

Treatment of orthopedic problems

The following method for the treatment of pain and restoration of the motor system, skeleton,
muscles and nerves after injuries, degenerative problems, wear and tear, herniated discs, sprains and ruptures of muscles, tendons and ligaments, inflammation of soft and hard tissues, rheumatism, joints. soreness and acceleration of recovery processes

Sports massage – to restore the functions of athletes, stretching muscles and increasing range of motion

Recently, sports activities have taken an important place in the public life of Israel, and the number of those involved is constantly increasing. We see more and more people cycling, walking and running in the park and exercising in gyms. This activity creates accelerated wear and tear processes in body tissues, especially tendons, muscles, ligaments and cartilage. In the absence of body preparation and adequate treatment, these loads can lead to discomfort and functional disability. The treatment method includes sports massage techniques, pressure, joint movements, stretching of all muscles of the body, energetic and relaxing movements, tissue vibrations, hot and cold compresses, etc.

Restorative therapeutic massage (lymphatic massage) – for health and immune problems

Therapeutic lymphatic massage is designed to strengthen the immune system by stimulating the flow of lymphatic fluid to the lymphatic centers. Lymphatic massage is often used to reduce swelling and fluid accumulation, aid in the rehabilitation and improvement of the skeleton, muscles and internal systems, restoring the full function of damaged organs, increasing tone or calming and relaxing muscles and stimulating the nervous system.

The possibility of professional internship in sports teams is provided for excellent students.

For everyone at any age and for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge about sports injuries and problems of the skeleton, muscles and orthopedics.

Duration of training: one week session, 6 academic hours, 35 classes. Total 210 academic hours.

Lesson progress: Each lesson includes theoretical and practical material. Practical material is worked out in pairs.

Certificate/Degree Description: Senior graduates of Sports injury and orthopedic therapist courses will have to take a course of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Massage theory
Anatomy – the human body, body muscles, diagnosis and identification of musculoskeletal disorders
Physiology – functions of skeletal muscles and body systems, blood circulation, digestion, nerves, lymph and respiration
Pathology – common diseases, diagnosis and treatment
Medical terms – to interpret common medical and pathological problems Treatment methods that combine the principles of training in physical therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, complementary medicine, massage and shiatsu

Treatment of acute and chronic orthopedic diseases of joints

Principles for diagnosis of vulnerability by the anatomy of a particular joint
Survey and clinical tests for diagnosis
Disc herniations and bulges
Sprains and ruptures of muscles, tendons and ligaments
Soft and hard tissue infections
Rheumatism and joint pain
Principles for the effective use of hot and cold compresses
Methods and exercises to strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments, improve joint function and prevent recurrence of injuries
Contraindications (cases in which the injured should not be treated)
Professional ethics and therapist/patient relationships
The course is suitable for contact therapists, physical education teachers, fitness instructors.

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Duration: 210 Hours
Lectures: 15
Level: Intermediate