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Combined massage course

Aharon Yakovy

A unique course combining 4 main massage techniques in one course
Holistic massage (Swedish/German)
Holistic massage is based on the perspective of a person as a whole – body and soul, and works both on the physical and mental levels, taking into account different aspects of the therapy: life expectancy, physical activity, skeletal and body structure, physical and mental energy condition.

Restorative therapeutic massage (lymphatic massage) – for health and immune problems
Therapeutic lymphatic massage is designed to strengthen the immune system by stimulating the flow of lymphatic fluid to the lymphatic centers. Lymphatic massage is often used to reduce swelling and fluid accumulation, assist in the rehabilitation and improve the skeleton, muscles and visceral systems, restoring the full function of damaged organs, increasing tone or soothing and relaxing muscles, and stimulating the nervous system.
Sports massage – to restore the functions of athletes, stretching muscles and increasing range of motion.
Восстановительный лечебный массаж (
Sports massage is intended for those who practice sports or physical activity for relaxation, to improve health and for competitive athletes.

The treatment method includes sports massage, pressing, joint movements, stretching of all the muscles of the body, energetic and relaxing movements, tissue vibrations and much more.
4 massage methods (mobilizations) for the treatment of joint problems, reducing joint pain and disability, eliminating tension and relaxation, and increasing the range of motion. It is intended for the treatment of the elderly and athletes and works with passive movements of clients for physiotherapy.

Duration of training:  120 hours of training. Lesson progress: Each lesson includes theoretical and practical material. Practical material is worked out in pairs. The course is suitable for everyone at any age and for those who are interested in the art of sensory therapy. Opening dates: The course opens several times throughout the year.

 Introduction and history of massage
Anatomy – the human body, the muscles of the body, diagnosis and identification of musculoskeletal disorders
Physiology – functions of the skeletal muscles and body systems, blood circulation, digestion, nerves, lymph and respiration
Medical terms – for interpretation of common medical and pathological problems
4 massage types: holistic, therapeutic (lymphatic), sports, movable joints
Massage as a way of life – to relieve stress and mental tension, as well as, to recharge with positive energy
Contraindications – limitations under which massage should be avoided
Professional ethics and therapist/patient relationshipы
Medical survey

Certificate of a SENIOR PROFESSIONAL MASSEUR. This certificate allows employment in health and sports clubs, sports teams, resorts, hotels, private clinics and health funds. The possibility of professional internship in sports teams is provided for excellent students.

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