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Treatment of disabled people

Aharon Yakovy

Workshop for the treatment of the disabled and people with disabilities

The seminar is intended for therapists of contact professions

An exclusive and unique workshop in Israel for caregivers who want to expand their knowledge and professionalism in the field of physical disabilities and their treatment.

The workshop was developed by Aharon Yakovi, bringing together therapies from the world of physical therapy, osteopathy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, various complementary medicine techniques, as well as his many years of experience as a therapist for the Israeli Olympic Disabled Teams, as well as for Defense Ministry casualties.

The methods given in the course combine many therapeutic professions that were combined by Aharon Yacovi has been very successful in his work with his patients over the years. They provide practical and useful tools to improve their functions and relieve joint pain, discomfort including column and spinal cord injuries. There is a lot of information on back and neck muscle and joint problems.

Duration of training:  72 academic hours
Lesson progress: Each lesson includes theoretical and practical material
Practical material is worked out in pairs
Opening dates: The course opens several times during the year

Treatment methods that combine learning principles from physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, complementary medicine
Understanding the physiological processes that occur in disabled people
Psychological elements in people with disabilities, as well as methods of access and treatment in themselves
Differences between soft and hard tissue injuries, and column, and spinal cord injuries
C.V.A – stroke victims, ways to improve daily functioning
Methods for moving joints, passive and active movements and their effectiveness
Methods and exercises to strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments, to improve joint functions and to prevent injury recurrence, including stretching to lengthen muscles and improve range of motion
Surveys and clinical tests for diagnosis
Disc herniations and protrusions
Soft and hard tissue infections
Rheumatism and joint pain
Principles of the effective use of hot and cold compresses
Contraindications (cases in which the injured should not be treated)
Professional ethics and therapist/patient relationship

Description of the certificate/degree: Certificate of participation in the seminar on the treatment of persons with disabilities

Admission conditions: The seminar is intended for therapists of contact professions with knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology. Students without the aforementioned education will have to complete these trainings within 120 hours. Graduates of the courses must take advanced training courses.

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Duration: 72 Hours
Lectures: 14
Level: Intermediate