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Master class on posture correction

Aharon Yakovy

For the first time, a master class was held on correcting the posture of the spine for I-tech employees and specialists

The seminar, which includes theoretical and practical areas and will focus on the area of spinal stability, will be held as part of the Orthopedic Problems Management Seminar, intended for tactile therapists, physical education teachers, fitness instructors and coaches and athletes, as well, as already mentioned, for high-tech workers and people interested in correcting their posture.

Duration of training: 40 academic hours

Lesson progress: Each lesson includes theoretical and practical material. Practical material is worked out in pairs.

Understanding the physiological and anatomical processes that cause functional skeletal and muscle defects
Biomechanical analysis of abnormal movement habits
Identifications and ways to correct them
Transfer of theoretical and practical knowledge about the importance of posture, sitting and creating a comfortable and suitable working environment for the body, muscles and joints
Learning and performing special exercises to prepare the body for a working day
Learning and performing unique exercises at the end of a working day to reduce the load on the body
Methods for reducing the physical and mental stress created during a working day and overall
Acquisition of theoretical and practical tools on the principles of physical activity necessary to maintain and improve the quality of life and reduce damage to the body during a working day and in general
Learning the principles of strengthening muscles and joints (flexible and strong muscles create joints and a strong body)
Self-care methods using hot and cold baths and compresses
Understanding the psychological processes that occur in the body as a result of stress, pressure and postural disorders in the spine, causing functional impairment, pain and discomfort

Certificate/Degree Description: Certificate of Participation in the Seminar on Postural and Vertebral Disorders

Requirements for participants: The seminar is intended for contact therapists, teachers, doctors, fitness instructors and trainers, as well as for athletes and, as already mentioned, also for high-tech workers and people who want to correct their posture.

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Duration: 40 Hours
Lectures: 11
Level: Intermediate