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Courses and master classes for experienced therapists. Workshop on the treatment of orthopedic problems

Aharon Yakovy

The seminar is intended for contact guardians, physical education teachers and fitness instructors.

An exclusive and one-of-a-kind workshop in Israel that provides effective therapeutic tools for the diagnostic and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries.

The Orthopedic Treatment Seminar is a unique healing seminar designed by Aaron Yakowi, one of the pioneers of this method. The workshop is based on his extensive experience as a therapist for the Israeli Olympic teams for 15 years. In addition to pain management and rehabilitation, the workshop also teaches the philosophical and scientific aspects of body behavior.

The methods given during the course combine a wide range of therapeutic professions that have been successfully applied in working with Israeli Olympic athletes and provide practical and useful tools for relieving joint pain and discomfort, including the column and spinal cord injurires. At the seminar, you will get a lot of information about back and neck problems, information about fractures and sprains, and how to prevent all these problems.

The orthopedic problems workshop is designed to treat pain and rehabilitate the motor system, skeleton, muscles and nerves after injuries. It treats degenerative problems, erosions, herniated discs, sprains and ruptures of muscles, tendons and ligaments, inflammation of soft and hard tissues, rheumatism, joint pain and accelerates the healing process.

Duration of training: one week session, 6 academic hours, 12 sessions. Total 72 academic hours

Lesson progress: Each lesson includes theoretical and practical material. Practical material is worked out when working in pairs.

Opening dates: The course opens several times during the year

Description of the certificate/degree: Certificate of participation in the seminar on the treatment of orthopedic problems

Admission conditions: The seminar is intended for contact therapists, physical education teachers, fitness instructors who know anatomy, physiology and pathology. Students who do not have the above education must complete these trainings in the amount of 120 hours.

Anatomical and post-mortem joint examinations
Treatment methods that combine training principles of physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, complementary medicine, massage and shiatsu

Treatment of acute and chronic orthopedic diseases of joints

Principles for diagnosing vulnerability by the anatomy of a particular joint
Questionnaire and clinical tests for diagnosis
Disc herniations and bulges
Sprains and ruptures of muscles, tendons and ligaments
Soft and hard tissue infections
Rheumatism and joint pain
Principles for the effective use of hot and cold compresses
Methods and exercises to strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments, improve joint function and prevent recurrence of injuries
Contraindications (cases in which the injured should not be treated)
Professional ethics and therapist/patient relationship
Opportunity for professional internships in sports teams
Graduates of the courses will be required to take a course of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

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Duration: 72 Hours
Lectures: 13
Level: Advanced